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Become a self-employed sales agent.

Trands is a platform that connects clients with service providers by utilizing the power of social and influencers marketing.

How Trands works

We make it easy for clients to find services based on their own budget.

Add a client

Let's just say you're looking for a photographer
or you know someone who is, to get started
add that person as your client.

Request the service

Now you can request the service required.
In this case, that will be a photographer, then Trands
will find the right photographer for you.

Earn commissions

As soon as your deal is successful,
Trands will pay you commission based on the
budget you entered when requesting the service.

Happy clients! Served by professionals.

To ensure that all clients are satisfied, we only partnered with professionals to ensure you and the clients you manage under our platform get the best services you deserve. We are happy when our users and clients are happy.

There's more to Trands than you know.

Updates in real-time

Forget about waiting or refreshing the app for updates, get paid and receive updates on your deals in real-time.

Ease of use

Even for a first-time smartphone user, Trands made it very easy to make deals, manage clients and get paid.

Security & Privacy

Don't worry about your client's information and your app data. We don't share anything with any 3rd-parties.

Get paid for simply
using the app

The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely and socialize with each other. Everyone is always looking for a service. So, how about getting paid for simply helping the people you know find the right service providers based on their own budget?

Believe it, it's that easy!

What Trands has to offer

Our mobile app allows you to earn commission whenever you request a service, but that's not all there is to offer.

Deals & Clients Management

Trands gives you the right tools to manage your deals & cliets and ensures you never lose track of any deal you make.

Commissions Tracking & Withdrawals

We made it easy for our users to manage the commissions they earn from our platform, as well as making withdrawals

CV & Jobs Dashboard

Create a CV inside Trands and use it to apply for jobs we advertise on our platform. We make sure you don't miss out on anything.

Personal development

Use our personal development tools to find daily motivation, career tips, self-improvement tips and a lot more.

Frequently asked questions

Let us answer the most frequently asked questions we often get from people.

Trands allows you to request any kind of service from photography, graphic design, marketing, web development, and a lot more. As long as the service you are requesting is currently available for request.

The mobile version of Trands is currently in production and should be available for download before end of April 2021.

Trands works in partnership with a lot of professional service providers to deliver the best services to clients.

Mobile app coming soon!

Our mobile app will be launched soon for both iOS and Android. Contact us to know more about Trands.

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